Fees and Rebates

Fees and Rebates

Consultation Fee:

Dr. Calabro's fee for 50+ minute session with an individual is $246.00 (less 124.50 with Medicare rebate with Mental Health Plan).

Fee for couples therapy is $350.00 per one and a half hour session. Medicare does not rebate couples therapy.

Skype Sessions are available for a fee of $200.00 per session (there is no Medicare reimbursement for Skype sessions). However, this a good way to access counseling when living in remote areas or have difficulty coming to the office. Fact to face sessions, in the office, are always preferable, when possible.

Credit cards, cash and cheques are accepted.


In November 2006, the Australian Government introduced a Medicare rebate for psychological treatment by registered psychologists.  To claim this rebate, you will need to see your GP to discuss your eligibility for what is known as the General Practitioner Mental Health Treatment Plan (GPMHTP) or ask your psychiatrist for a referral.

When the GP registers you with Medicare for the GPMHTP, you may request the psychologist of your choice, or the GP can refer you to a psychologist he or she recommends.

On the GPMHTP, you are entitled to a rebate for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year.  This is required to be in the format of an initial six sessions, followed by a review with your GP regarding your progress and the need for an additional 4 sessions.

The current rebate by Medicare for a clinical psychologist is $124.50 per session.

Private health funds:
Most private health funds provide a rebate for treatment sessions with a clinical psychologist.  This can depend on the type and extent of cover you have.  Please contact your fund to enquire as to the extent of your cover.